Project Management

Project Management

Coordinating projects for our clients, both in the construction and property industries, is one of our core services.  Across the team there is over 40 years of experience which has given us the perfect blend of vision, strategy, and intuition, making every project under our management not only a success but also cost effective.

The team has a wealth of experience in both the commercial and residential sector. Our power team is built of reliable and highly skilled professionals and tradespersons who we use with confidence for projects.

As with any project, time and education are fundamental factors when considering success. We offer practical advice and support on certain stages of a project as well as full management. From high quality refurbishments on existing properties to the construction of brand-new developments, we can plan and control each aspect of the project if desired, giving investors as little or as much responsibility as they want.

Project Management services include.

  • Development of client brief
  • Risk management
  • Monitor and review of both design and construction phases
  • Programme management
  • Preparation of procurement advice
  • Liaison with interested third parties

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